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When it comes to cleaning and organization, making a to-do list is a must. But, we don't have to recreate the wheel when the list already exists, especially when it is as detailed and beautiful as Emily Ley's. She made this free printable* version to help you or your house cleaner stay on top of this year's Spring Cleaning projects.

Before you read the list, keep in mind the following:

1. Not all cleaning projects listed may apply to you,

2. Be kind to yourself, don't do it all over the weekend,

3. If you live with family, roommates, or regularly hire a cleaning service-divide, delegate, and conquer the projects!

4. Add any cleaning tasks the list does not include in the notes section. I have added to my list washing many rugs throughout my home and thoroughly cleaning the piano-yikes!

5. Treat yourself! I ask all my clients to do this after completing an organizing project.

I love office stationery, any paper product that improves office and home efficiency and organization is my favorite thing in the world. Yes, I am exagerating, but that's how much I enjoy beautiful and quality stationary tools. That's why I love SIMPLIFIED by Emily Ley. She offers tools that work and are lovely to see. Visit her here: for more free printables.

*This article is not a paid promotion by SIMPLIFIED, nor does SIMPLIFIED know I wrote this blog post recommending their products. However, I like their tools, and I'm willing to share them with my readers. Thank you. Irvine, CA. 949-390-5223

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Updated: Feb 22, 2022

October is here, and we are ready to play. We have many activities planned in our household, drinking pumpkin spiced latte's, costume shopping for the little one, and going out-of-town to see foliage in Mammoth, CA. So, having our closets ready to keep up with us is essential. So, here, I share what I do in my home when it's time for a closet changeover.

1. Start: Pull from your closet and drawers the summer clothing you want to store. Do this by picking up one article of clothing at a time, and ask yourself, "do I want to keep you for next summer?" Instantly your gut will tell you yes or no. If you feel a maybe, keep it;-) You will have then sorted a donation pile and a keep pile.

2. Clean: A quick wipe down of drawers, dust down any cobwebs, and anything else that stands out to you.

3. Add a new habit: A basket with a "donation" sign attached. Here I advise placing clothing and accessories throughout the year. Once the basket is complete, take a quick trip to the donation center. This new habit will keep your closet space feeling light and roomy. Plus, the sorting and transitioning processes are simplified tremendously.

4. Keep it fresh: Add to the closet or replenish your moth traps, cedar chips, or baking soda boxes. If your wardrobe is near the shower, I strongly encourage moisture absorbents; try them, you'll be surprised. Add dryer sheets or wood chips to the boxes or bins where the summer clothes are stored. For all other non-clothing closets, I like to add these steps to keep them fresh.

5. Decide: What is your preferred wardrobe arrangement--color-coded, by occasion, or type? Again, there's no wrong or right; picking your favorite method, not what's trending on social media, will help you stay consistent.

6. Repeat: Follow the same steps for the rest of the closets in the home. If you have children, you know how fast they outgrow clothing, so having the donation basket in the kiddos closets will save you lots of time in the long run.

7. Hug yourself; you did a great job! Irvine, CA. 949-390-5223

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